About Bradan...

Bradan was founded in 2001 to market its own developed products and carry out field trials on a wide spectrum of BIOSECURITY APPLICATIONS AND SOLUTIONS. We continue this work and constantly add to our extensive digital library of over one hundred GUIDANCE NOTES that cover almost all fish species, from salmon to exotic koi. It includes advising fishing lake owners on biosecurity to defend against the dreaded KHV and other pathogens, assisting commercial and recreational divers about pathogen transfer. We also have advice for food processers and contractors working on or near marine environments such as river banks to conform to strict rules that protect the environment and simple day to day questions such as sterilising lab and field testing equipment. You will notice we also have human supplements such as Dictyolone 500 a 100% natural food supplement; a physiological response to the ageing of tissue, and Protex H, using HSP science for relieving the symptoms of long haul air flights and sports muscle fatigue.

As our Chairman was part of the R&D team instrumental in the development of VIRKON AQUATIC it is natural we choose this product as our primary biosecurity recommendation, regarded as THE GOLD STANDARD DISINFECTANT. Our mantra is "our commerce supports our field technology which in turn allows us to offer the best available solutions at competitive prices backed up by proven science and field testing".

Our principal areas of research interest are:

  • Safe disinfection in the aquatic environment.
  • Animal disease control through advanced biosecurity.
  • Stress management in man and animals through our advanced heat shock protein technology.

Bradan's various disinfection products developed by Antec Ltd (now LANXESS) are internationally recognised as providing the best means of controlling both serious animal diseases such as Foot and Mouth Disease and Equine Influenza, notifiable fish pathogens such as ISA and furunculosis and those germs such as Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria which come from animals, fish and shellfish but can cause serious illness in humans.

Virkon Aquatic™, Bradan's flagship product was developed specifically for aquatic use. It is available in a variety of formulations for different purposes. It has the highest rating against all aquatic pathogens and yet, when properly applied, is safe for use with food for Listeria control, and in fishery and fish farm conditions, even when live fish are present. Read more about Virkon Aquatic™.

Virkon S™, the original agricultural disinfectant (WHICH MUST NOT BE USED IN PRESENCE OF FISH OR FOODSTUFFS) is the most widely used independently tested agricultural disinfectant and is the only one directly specified for use in certain notifiable diseases. Read more about VIRKON S™.

PROTEX H® Heat Shock Protein technology arose from the interest of Bradan scientists in utilizing the remarkable abilities of Tex-OE®. This is a patented extract of the prickly pear cactus, originally devised for use by professional scuba divers. Using Protex®, Bradan's special formulation of this material, we have discovered, through extensive scientific studies, that it safely enhances Heat Shock Protein (HSP) levels in humans and in animals. Bradan products incorporating this technology are now available and are widely used by humans for prevention of jet lag and exercise fatigue and in animal and fish transport and disease stress recovery. Read more about Protex-H®.

This website has been designed to bring together this science and its commercial application. We want our customers to buy our products at reasonable prices but only after providing the detailed scientific information that will allow them to make informed choices.

If you have any questions please get in touch.