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DEFRA approved

LANXESS Virkon Aquatic
(50 x 5g) Low Foam Tablets - 2 pack

Lethal fish viruses such as Koi herpes virus (KHV) have become a menace to conscientious fish keepers. Fortunately Bradan  scientists in the University of Idaho working with the manufacturers,  had shown that low levels of Virkon  Aquatic added to the incoming water  could be used to prevent transmission of the serious salmon disease Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis. This has saved millions of young salmon across the world and has also been adapted for use in shrimp cultures. With the help of UK herpes virus experts Henderson Morley Ltd, Bradan scientists have been able to further adapt this technology to control the KHV virus in Koi systems.

The recirculation system of the Koi hobbyist posed problems due to the need to ensure that the biofilter was not denatured.  Also the various pumping procedures increased the risk of unsightly foaming, but these unique tablets when used properly, now allow water column sanitization for closed cycle aquaria and Koi ponds. They have very low foaming characteristics yet they still retain the very high activity that characterises regular Virkon Aquatic when tested against Koi Herpes Virus and other fish pathogens.

They are supplied with full instructions for use according to the special protocols devised by the Bradan scientists who devised the technology.

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LANXESS Virkon Aquatic Low Foam Tablets

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