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Dictyolone® 500

A dietary preparation which helps to maintain the support tissues: the bones, cartilage and skin. 100% Natural Preparation.

A traditional foodstuff recognised by the CEN of the European Union, the patented extract of the alga Padina pavonica (EPP) has two essential effects within our bodies:

Dictyolone® 500 restores the synthesis of collagens and glycoaminoglycans, substances that form elastic meshes and retain water and minerals in the skin, and the tissues of the bone and cartilage.
By preserving the function of the bone cells, it restores calcium binding, which declines with age.

Dictyolone® 500 has two target organs, both of which are mesenchymatous tissues: the skin and bone.

  • The skin needs collagens, support fibers, and glycoaminoglycans for their plastic and water retention properties. Calcium plays a primordial role: it ensures that the calcium channels work properly and allows intra - and extra cellular exchanges to occur.
  • Our bones consist of a framework that is made up mainly of collagen proteins and glycoaminoglycans. The atoms of calcium in the form of hydroxyapatite are bound to this polymeric framework and ensure its strength.

With age, the body’s binding of calcium slows down, and the bone becomes less dense. The lower the density of the bone, the more fragile it becomes. Bone densitometry determinations of people who have been taking total extract of Padina pavonica for one year shows that most of them exhibit an improvement in the quality of the mineral density of their bone. The total extract of Padina pavonica remains fully active even in the presence of inflammation mediators such as interleukin I, and this makes it particularly suitable for use during active exacerbations. It helps to restore normal function of the osteoblasts and chondroblasts.

45 Tablets of 500mg


  • of one tablet: Total extract of Padina pavonica corresponding to the biological activity of a standard containing 500 mg of the dried plant.
  • Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, Padina pavonica extract (EPP). Technological adjuvants: talc, magnesium stearate, colloidal silica, glycerol distearate.
Dictyolone® 500 for Skin and Bone

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