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We offer a small select number of products such as Protex-H® that can help prevent long-haul travel stress and reduce muscle fatigue for athletes and DictyoloneŽ 500 and Dyctiol that help maintain the density of bone, cartilage and skin. A recent introduction is the "My Trusty" skincare range produced by NHS Salisbury.

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Protex-H® capsules are safe, easy to take and contains measured titrated levels of the Heat Shock Protein (HSP) Stimulating Factor Tex-OE® derived from the skin of the prickly pear. Experience has shown that it helps the body to deal with the stress from long-haul travel and many sporting activities. Learn More...

Protex-H helps against Travel Stress and Muscle fatigue

DictyoloneŽ 500

Dietary preparation, helps to maintain the support tissues: the bones, cartilage and skin. DictyoloneŽ 500 restores the synthesis of collagens and glycoaminoglycans, substances that form elastic meshes and retain water and minerals in the skin, and the tissues of the bone and cartilage. By preserving the function of the bone cells, it restores calcium binding, which declines with age. Learn More...

Texinfine Dictyolone® 500